Health Centre Antibacterial Carpet Cleaning

Health Centre Antibacterial Carpet Cleaning

Health Centres and Doctors surgeries are filled with people carrying infections, germs and bacteria. These infections are on their clothes, their hands, and on door handles and chair backs touched by patients. Bacteria are also found flying through the air on coughs and sneezes and landing on carpets and hard floors in surgeries and therapy rooms.

Every morning or evening the carpets are vacuumed and hard floors mopped, but does this remove bacteria? Especially MRSA?

Vulnerable Patients

Many visitors to the surgery will be older people for dressings, nursing care, medication and diagnosis and it is vital to protect them from picking up any kind of bacterial infection during their visit. Other visitors who are also at an increased risk of infections, are babies and small children who have less developed and less efficient, immune systems.

Health Centre Antibacterial Cleaning

Its easy to ensure that all bugs and bacteria are completely removed – including MRSA,  by having regular antibacterial cleans. It is wise to book an accredited and fully insured professional to clean all carpeted areas, hard floor passages and treatment rooms. The process is especially good for glued down carpet tiles and won’t break down the glue or cause lifting at the corners or edges.

SJS are expertly trained and accredited by the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association) to remove all bacteria from carpets and hard flooring areas, using the Patented Texatherm system. Our offices in Leicester and Loughborough mean that we can happily travel a twenty-mile radius of both places to clean out of hours, before or after your opening times. The carpets and all floors will be dry again inside 30 minutes.

It’s a good idea to book a regular 3 monthly or twice a year visit; then we can plan this in, so you never have to wait.  Why not call us today for a completely free quotation contact us on: