Home Décor Styles for Winter 2018

Home Décor Styles for Winter 2018

Fabrics and Feels

This year’s trend in home décor has a luxurious theme, with many darker colours and dark wood veneers. The overall style is for glamourous fabrics such as velvet and velour, with dark browns, greys and dark blue leading the field. These shades can hide stains well, but they won’t hide crumbs, and particles very well. Every tiny spec will show on the fabric, so it is important to keep everything brushed and vacuumed every day.

Suede is another popular choice this year, with the smooth feel of velvet and the luxury of leather combined into one material. With furniture in plain shades, this is resulting in more carpets with bold patterns and vivid colours, which should e taken care of from day one. A light vacuum every other day and a professional antibacterial clean every year will certainly double its lifespan.

Colours and Shapes

Bold colourways are growing more popular this winter, with red featuring as a deep accent colour, with orange, yellow and plum being used in fixtures and fittings. We recently saw a purple kettle and toaster! These shades can begin to look dull as they gradually get dirty with wear, especially during winter months. So, keep our number stuck on the fridge for when you need a professional carpet clean to remove the muddy boot marks and autumn soils trodden in from outdoor shoes.

We can also steam clean your curtains in situ, with no need to remove swags, tails and pleats. Fitted bespoke curtains are heavy and difficult to rehang if you take them down. Using a professional cleaning company like SJS means that your belongings are fully insured while we work on them and our Senior Membership of the National Carpet Cleaners Association provides an additional safeguard for your peace of mind.

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