Robot Vacuum Cleaners Reviewed

Robot Vacuum Cleaners Reviewed

Robot vacuum cleaners have been seen as a gimmick or expensive toy since their invention, but recent models are beginning to change that, with advanced navigation systems and much more powerful suction. If you are curious about their capability, here is a review of their current advantages and disadvantages as we start the year 2020…

Advantages of Robot Vacuums

• Robot vacuums can automatically clean the floors of your home. Many come with a scheduling system so you can set them to clean while you’re out or at a regular time of day, so you don’t need to remember to switch them on.
• The best models have a good level of suction for picking up dust and dirt, which can make life easier for a disabled person or the elderly who may have balance or walking difficulties using an ordinary vacuum cleaner.
• Many now have quite good navigation systems to allow them to move around furniture and not to bump into walls.
• Advanced models come with a variety of cleaning modes, including spot cleaning, although you will then need to place it over the spot yourself, as it wont know otherwise.
• Most also come with a docking station. The vacuum will return automatically when it needs to be charged. But some models still need to be manually plugged in, so find this out before you buy one.

Disadvantages of Robot vacuums

• Robot vacs are expensive. Some of the priciest models cost up to £800, which is a huge amount for a non-essential appliance.
• They aren’t able to fully replace your regular vacuum, as they can’t clean upholstery, stairs or crevices.
• The quality of navigation system varies greatly, with many robot vacs struggling to get around even basic obstacles.
• The suction power is not as good as a standard upright or cylinder cleaner, and we doubt they can pick up pet hair very well either.
• You will need to empty the dust container regularly, so don’t forget to do this, or it will move around the floor and not pick anything up.
• They need recharging after their run-time and some models automatically return to their docking station, but some will need to be plugged in for a recharge. If it runs out of power under the sideboard, you will need to find it to plug it in…

So, it could be good for a light use situation and could certainly reduce your weekly workload in an average home and if you like new inventions, why not give it a try? It could work well with a professional carpet clean every year to remove any ingrained particles…