How To Remove Pet Wee from Carpets


A good friend of ours has just received a beautiful Husky cross Shepherd homeless dog, to Foster care until a new permanent home can be found. We expect she may have an occasional accident on the carpet until he settles down, so here is our best advice on how to remove pet wee from carpets:

If you can catch it while wet, soak up with a towel or old rag, by standing on it. You will easily see the liquid transfer to the towel. Then sprinkle Baking Soda onto the area to neutralise the acidic PH, while the absorbency of the powder will soak up any remainder wet liquid from the carpet pile.

You may want to test a small section of carpet behind the sofa by wetting it and applying the soda first, to make sure your carpet is colour fast, but unless you have an expensive Persian rug, it should be fine.

Leave it there until the baking soda is completely dry, then vacuum up and it’s done.

If the accident happens while you are out, and you find it by smell after the carpet has dried, don’t worry. Water mixed with White Vinegar will fix it. Dried urine is alkaline, so white vinegar will neutralise the smell and remove it from the carpet.

Mix two thirds of a cup of water with one third cup of white vinegar. Tip this into an empty spray bottle and spray the affected carpet area. Leave it for 5 minutes and then blot with an old towel by standing on it and treading on the spot.

Repeat once or twice to make sure it has all gone, when the smell disappears you can be sure it is all gone.

Some of them are older dogs, where their owner has been taken into care, or died, and these poor animals end up on death row if a Foster home can’t be found quickly. Please contact us here if you would like to be put in touch with the local Dog Rescue Charity we know…