Freshers Week 2015 Leicester & Loughborough

 Freshers Week 2015 has started in Leicester and Loughborough


Landlords in Leicester and Loughborough have rented out their properties to thousands of young people to begin their 3 and 4 year journey into the adult world.


Fresh Festival 2015 is a two week extravaganza of events to welcome you to the social side of your new life at Leicester Uni! The first event is the Freshers’ Welcome Party on Sunday 27th September, and then this social marathon ends with the BRAND NEW FRESHERS BALL on Sunday 11th October!


At Loughborough University activities began on September 1 and run through until October 3 with details on these 2 websites:


Carpet accidents are bound to happen and we are happy to give advice to any student on how to remove stains from small spills so that your deposit can be returned in full at the end of your rental agreement.

For any major accident on the carpets in your rented houses, we are always available to come and clean it properly, using specialist treatments to avoid any carpet damage that will affect your deposits later on.

It’s no good leaving it until the week before you leave, as stains may then be impossible to remove.

We have offices in both Leicester and Loughborough, so keep our numbers handy on the fridge, and call us for advice whenever you need to.