How to Remove Pine Needles from Carpet


Top Tips from an expert Carpet Cleaner in Leicester

The Christmas tree is a vital part of every home this season, and many people will be put off from buying a real tree because of the mess they leave on the carpet. This is especially true if you have light coloured carpet or very young children who could be harmed by the falling needles.

SJS Carpet Cleaning Top Tips

Vacuum every day:

Around the tree picking up the needles as they fall, will reduce the number of needles to pick up the day the tree is removed after the celebrations.

Sticky tape method:

This is a great trick for picking up pine needles. You can use any kind of sticky tape, but we find that duct tape works the best. Just wrap it around your palms and pat the carpet area around the tree. All the pine needles will stick to the tape and will prevent filling up or clogging the hoover bag or cylinder.

Place the tree onto a cheap mat or rug

Christmas trees are heavy, whether they are real or artificial and the weight of the stand or pot filled with earth can cause flattened pile marks in your carpet that may take a long time to remove.

Buy a cheap doormat or small rug from your cola market and place the tree on this, spreading the load bearing onto an even area and concentrating all the pressure marks onto the cheap throwaway rug.

Don’t drag it across the carpet

Be careful not to drag the tree and pot or stand across the carpet when you want to remove it. Get someone to help you to lift it and carry it easily under one arm together, placing newspaper across the area to the door, so that needles don’t fall as you walk.

Of course, if an accident happens and you drop it or the cat climbs up and tips it over, spilling soil all over the carpet, do call us first for advice on how to remove the dirt without leaving a stain on the carpet. If you prefer, we can come to the rescue and remove all stains and needles for you, while you catch up with East Enders with a large Gin and Tonic!

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