Pet Friendly Carpet Cleaner Leicester


SJS Carpet Cleaners love cats and dogs, and are perfectly happy working around the dog on the sofa, or the dog bed in the kitchen.


Here is a picture of a 5-month puppy that watched us from this favourite leather chair while we worked around him last week. If you have pets, bringing a stranger into your house to do a job can be a worry, especially if you have 2 or 3 large boisterous dogs or curious cats.

Luckily, we have been loving pet owners for many years and are well used to making friends with your cats or dogs as we work, and replacing the dog bed back in position as soon as we can.  We usually find a few long-lost toys under the sofa and in other strange places, which we reunite with their happy owners.

SJS Carpet Cleaning Pet Policy

We ALWAYS replace the pets bed in the same place before we go

We ALWAYS let them have a good sniff of everything before we begin

We ALWAYS stop now and again to pet the cat or stroke the dog

We NEVER leave the front door open and risk your dog or cat running out.

We NEVER get cross if they walk across the clean carpet

We NEVER worry if they bark at the machines

We NEVER take them home with us – even though we may wish we could!


If you have a pet, you can be sure we will be perfectly happy cleaning carpets, leather furniture and hard flooring around them.

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