How To Do End Of Tenancy Cleaning

How to Do End of Tenancy Cleaning

If you are moving out of a rented property, you may be wondering how to do end of tenancy cleaning. Here is our handy guide to completing the End of Tenancy Clean, to ensure the return of your deposit. This is what the Estate Agent or Landlord inspection will check after you have moved out…


Vacuum all items of furniture and wash with an appropriate ‘dry-cleaning’ solution. The upholstery should appear pristine, with no remaining odours, hair or coins and fluff in the creases. Particularly if you have children, dogs or cats, or smoke cigarettes. SJS can do all this for you using our patented Texatherm cleaning process for all fabric and leather upholstery.

Handy Hint:

For wooden chair frames and dining tables; check for scuffs and scratches and repair them by rubbing almonds and coffee grounds into them to restore the colour. Finish with wood polish or wood polish or lemon oil and the wood will look brand new.

Curtains and Blinds

If the curtains and blinds are to remain, check for washing instructions and wash accordingly. If they are not washable or are too heavy and complex with swags and tails; then SJS can dry-clean them in situ for you. Don’t forget to dust all the curtain poles and fixtures. For venetian blinds; clean both sides of the slats with soapy water and then dry with a towel.

Carpets and Rugs

Vacuum all carpets and rugs slowly, to allow the beaters to turn and flick up all soil particles into the machine. Scrub with a firm brush to remove any hair trapped inside the fibres. Any stains should be completely removed using an appropriate chemical for the carpet fibre. Be very careful about hiring a steam or water spray cleaner, as this could shrink some carpet fibres, and can also bleed colours. SJS can do all this for you using our Texatherm process.

Staircases and Hallways

These are high traffic areas and they will require more than just a vacuum. Professional carpet cleaning is always recommended for these areas to make them look brand new again.

Bathroom and Kitchen

Clean all ceramics including walls, worktops, shower cubicle tiles, sink, bath, toilet, mirror and all other fittings and fixtures. Check all plug holes are free of hair and debris and ensure that the water runs away quickly. Check for and remove any traces of mould, soap scum and limescale, especially the taps and shower head. Remove the shower head and submerge it in white vinegar overnight, replacing it the next day clean and pristine.


Cleaning the whole property by yourself is a hard and arduous task. Make sure you have enough time and energy to complete the task after you move your belongings out, to ensure the safe return of your deposit, or hire a professional carpet cleaning company such as SJS who can do all this for you. Then take photographs when completed and ask a witness to sign them before the Landlord carries out his exit inspection and also before you hand over the keys.

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