Check In Process for new Tenants Explained

Check In Process for new Tenants Explained

When you move into your new house or apartment, the check in procedure can seem a bit of a nuisance, when all you want to do is sign and get the key, so you can start bringing in your possessions. But this procedure is VITAL for the return of your deposit at the end of your tenancy, so take time to walk round with the estate agent and look at every wall, corner, ceiling, floor, window catch, end electrical item.


Look at every carpet, vinyl floor, tiled floor, and point out every mark, stain, missing tile, frayed edge, burn mark, anything you can find. Check every chair and sofa cushion. Take a photo of it and be sure that it has been noted down in the inspection report. Otherwise, you will be blamed for it when you leave, and your deposit can be withheld to put it right.


Also look out for any signs of mould on carpets, upholstery, curtains and walls and make sure that these are noted. Any small white caterpillars in the carpets, or tiny white eggs. These are all health hazards and should be removed by a specialist cleaner (like us) before you move in. If they are not spotted in the check-in, you will be charged for their removal when you move out.


Check every window catch is working, every door lock works, every key is present and turn on every electrical item to check it is in working order. Be sure to also check the garden gate, and find out whether the garden, patio, and path, front driveway, and fences are also your responsibility to maintain. If so, make sure that no fence panels are missing or falling, and that gates are working, and paths are clear of weeds before you move in.


If you have any shared building areas, such as a hallway, stairs and landing or a communal front door, make sure that these areas are free of clutter, litter and are clean and tidy. Find out what your personal responsibility is for these areas. Make sure that things like gutter cleaning and down pipe maintenance is the responsibility of the Landlord, and this is included in your contract or check in agreement and have a quick look to be sure that pipes are not loose.


If you need any cleaning done for: carpets, curtains, hard floors, ceramic tiles, fabric upholstery, leather chairs, worktops, marble walls and other surfaces, give us a call, or keep our number for when you move out.

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