How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

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If you live in an older property – Victorian, Georgian or older, you may suffer from damp, mould or mildew which has a negative effect on the quality of the air you breathe all night while you and your family are sleeping. Finding out how to improve indoor air quality can have enormous health benefits for your family members.

Who Is at Risk?

It is especially important to consider if you have young babies with immature immune systems or older people with reduced lung capacity, vascular Dementia, high blood pressure and circulatory problems. People fighting Cancer who have reduced immune systems are very vulnerable to airborne bacteria; also, anyone with allergies, eczema and asthma, particularly during May and June when the pollen count is high.

Carpets Trap Airborne Pollutants

Airborne pollutants and bacteria such as allergens, pollen, dust, mould, mildew, and MRSA will embed into the carpet fibres and be trapped there until you take positive action to physically remove them.

Protect Indoor Air Quality

The #Texathermic cleaning process used by SJS Carpet Cleaning will remove 100% of bacteria particles, mould and mildew spores including MRSA. Once removed, you will find the air quality inside the house is greatly improved. As well as improving the looks of the carpets,  your carpet lifespan will almost double if you do this regularly over its lifetime.

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