How to SPOT-CLEAN Carpets

How to Spot-Clean Carpets

Do you know how to spot-clean your carpets successfully? Its an easy process, but it MUST be carried out immediately, before the stain ‘sets’. The biggest enemy of any carpet stain, is oxidation, making the stain almost permanent. So, the trick is to deal with any stain – instantly, and here are our TOP TIPs: 

1 BLOT straight away with paper towels. Kitchen roll is perfect. Put the paper down and keep changing until no more appears on the towel.

2 For a large spill, use bathroom towels and then paper towels to finish off.

3 If you spill anything solid – like jam, or vomit – use a METAL SPOON to lift off as much debris as possible first. The spoon will also lift liquid, then blot as above.

4 Using a gentle solution of SOAPY WATER, clean the area in small circles, starting from the centre of the stain.

5 Then BLOT again with paper towels, pushing down hard to collect moisture from the bottom of the fibres.

6 For a large area, leave a dry towel or tea-towel on the area, pushed down with a heavy weight – a box of books or similar.

7 If the stain persists, call us in to use our commercial grade stain removers. NEVER use BLEACH!


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