Halloween Monsters in the Carpet

Halloween Monsters in the Carpet

This week is the run up to Halloween with monster outfits and ghost makeup in the shops, but did you know that lurking in your carpet are real monsters that are waiting to infect you and your family members? The evil bacteria, the deadly viruses and the nasty allergen microbes nestle unnoticed in the carpet fibres and then quietly breed and multiply, until there are enough of them to make their attack!

Babies and the Elderly are at risk

They start with the easiest prey – the crawling babies who put everything in their mouths. Then they look for the elderly relatives who are recovering from surgery or fighting cancer and have reduced immune systems and make an easy target – especially for the malevolent MRSA virus, which can stay alive for weeks before pouncing on its victims.

Asthma and COPD sufferers

If you survive the attack of the viruses and the army of bacteria, its time for the allergens to attack! As you walk across the carpet, they can release themselves from the fibres and fly through the air, creating even more breathing problems for an unsuspecting visitor or family member.

Fight Back with an Antibacterial Carpet Clean

We don’t mean just spraying water on and sucking it off, we mean specialist antibacterial special agents that we parachute drop into the fibres to take the enemy by surprise. Our chemical special agents then neutralize the enemy while we capture them using a #Texathermic reaction to lift their particles and flick them with our beaters, kicking and screaming into our sealed containers which we dispose of outside your property, giving you and your family members the ‘all-clear’ to relax, with no casualties to life or limb.

Another Great Mission by the SJS Clean Team!

Here’s how to get a quote for a bacteria clean-up in your property. Phone:

For advice or a free quote contact us on Leicester 0116 298 7082, or Loughborough 01509 215 858 or Email stuart@sjscarpetcleaners.co.uk