Keeping a Sculpted Carpet Looking Good


Choosing a new carpet is a difficult task, it is not just about the colour and involves your lifestyle and family members as well. So here is a quick guide to Sculptured carpets with their good and bad points.

The Pattern

An interesting pattern is created by mixing different pile heights to create the pattern. It is a great method of introducing a subtle pattern into an otherwise plain expanse of one colour carpet.


In places of light wear and traffic, these carpets can be stunning and look really good for many years. However, in areas of high traffic such as the hallway, or stairs, you can find that it appears to ‘wear’ very quickly.

This is caused by the higher piles taking the impact of shoes and feet, which gradually wears down the height of the pile, until it is the same height as the lower pile areas. Then suddenly your sculptured pattern will just disappear.

Another impact on this type of carpet, is that constant traffic can push over the higher piles, making them merge with the lower piles, giving you traffic lines in places like in front of the sofa and in front of doorways.

How to keep it looking its best

Of course twice a week vacuuming will lift the piles again and restore its looks and a once a year professional deep clean, will lift out dirt and soil that gets trapped in the base layers, making the sculptured pattern stand proud and look beautiful.