Leicester Landlords Attract New Tenants

There is a new revolution in rented properties that is fast overtaking the young students and flat sharing young people in their first jobs and saving up to buy their first property.


A New Breed of Tenant

There are now many 40 plus single professional people who are choosing to rent a property close to their workplace, instead of entering the property market. Often in expensive areas such as London, Oxford, Bath, York, and Cheltenham, they are also sharing with like-minded colleagues to reduce bills and avoid living alone. In addition, many newly divorced people are moving to new areas into rental property, and choosing not to saddle themselves with the permanence of a mortgage.

The Challenge for Leicester Landlords

This has an impact for today’s Landlords, because these customers are not content to move into dowdy, ill maintained houses, with peeling paintwork, overgrown gardens and threadbare carpets. They are demanding newly decorated, PVCU windows, gardens with a patio or decking area, smart modern kitchen fittings and nice carpets.

The upside for Landlords for the cost of their expenditure to bring a property up to these new high standards, is the fact that their new tenants will look after the appliances, and have salaries that enable them to have a weekly cleaner, a gardener, and to have regular professional carpet cleaning during their stay.

The Advantages

The advantages for Landlords are huge; their properties will increase in value and their tenants will treat the fixtures and furnishings with care, sometimes performing the small maintenance jobs for themselves, without needing to bother the Landlords.

If you are a Landlord in Leicester seeking to appeal to this new breed of rental tenants, why not call us in to professionally clean all your carpets, curtains (in situ) upholstery and ceramic tiles and surfaces.