Carpet Repairs for Uni Students Leicester Loughborough

Students in Leicester and Loughborough Universities are now in your last Term and busy with final additions to your Dissertation and final Exams.

But June and July is the end of your Tenancy Agreement and you will need to move out. Now is a good time to think about things that could cause you to lose your deposit when you move out. Cash is vital right now, and many of you will be trying to survive on your last few pennies for the last month or two.

Here are a few nasty surprises that could lose your Deposit or result in you having to phone parents to buy a new lounge carpet for the Landlord… (Good luck with that one)

  1. That great party and the cigarette burn on the carpet
  2. The late night saucepan of noodles you put down on the carpet and burnt a ring in it
  3. The cat you weren’t supposed to have, that has frayed the edges of the stair carpet
  4. The red wine that spilt over the carpet you have hidden under a rug
  5. The nail polish drips on the bedroom carpet
  6. That curry stain on the sofa you hid under a throw

Yep, we have seen all these and can pretty much solve all of them for you, so here’s what to do:

  1. KEEP our number if you’re not sure when you will move out

  2. If you already know the moving out date, BOOK US 2 days before

  3. If you’re not sure if it can be fixed, repaired, solved; call us in to have a look NOW

  4. Then do your friends a favour and give them our number