Mother’s Day Treat from SJS Carpet Cleaning

Mother’s Day Treat from SJS Carpet Cleaning

Mother’s Day is nearly here, and we have a great idea for a thoughtful gift that will last all year… Does your Mother live alone, or struggle with everyday tasks because of medical conditions or age-related incapacity? Then SJS can provide you with a useful gift that will relieve her stress, make her feel loved and cared for and promote her ongoing independence.

Antibacterial Carpet Clean

We can provide an antibacterial Texathermic carpet clean and laminate or stone floor deep clean that will neutralize all allergens and kill all bacteria – including the dreaded MRSA.

In Situ Curtain Clean

Followed by an in-situ curtain clean, without needing to remove any permits, swags or tails. We steam clean and re-press all the pleats with our special equipment.

Upholstery Clean – Fabric and Leather

Then a complete upholstery clean for her 3-piece suite – fabric or leather, we can do both and the dining room chairs, bedroom chair and kitchen chairs.

Bathroom Tiles & Natural Stone Worktops

The final part of our Mother’s Day spring clean, is cleaning all the ceramic tiles in the bathrooms and kitchen and all the kitchen worktops – especially the natural stone, where bacteria lurks in the hairline surface cracks and fissures.

Health & Wellbeing Benefits

All of this will help to relieve breathing problems from airborne allergens and remove all sources of bacteria promoting good heath for those with lower immune systems and less resilience to fight off infections. All done with cheery conversation and around the family pet!
We have a team in Leicester City and in Loughborough and cover a 10-mile radius of either location. Call us anytime to book..