Remove Cup Ring Stains from Carpets

Remove Carpet Stains Coffee and Tea Cup Rings


How often has someone in your household sat or laid on the lounge carpet to watch TV while drinking a cup of tea or coffee?

You don’t need to spill any, to get cup rings on the carpet and you may not notice them in the dimmed lights of watching TV or a good film in the evening.

But in the morning and harsh light of day, they are quite visible, and now all dried into the carpet.

Easy for us to clean, but you may not need the whole carpet cleaning right now; so here is an easy method of how to remove the stain:

• Blot any remaining wet liquid if it’s still wet, but be careful not to rub in deeper and spread the stain.
• Mix one-part white vinegar to four-parts water
• Pour into a spray bottle and spray over the stain
• Then blot to remove excess moisture – the stain should lift in this process
• Finally, put a kitchen towel or 6-8 sheets of kitchen roll over the area and place a heavy book on top. Leave overnight and repeat if needed.

If you have too many stains, or have moved into a house with existing carpet stains, just call us in to give you some advice or a free quote to remove them for you.

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