University Lettings Property Leicester & Loughborough


July is the big changeover month for Universities in Leicester and Loughborough.

The Graduates will be moving back home after 4 years of being away; or on to work placements if they have been lucky, and the Students in University digs now have to vacate and move back home for the summer.

Privately rented houses with multiple occupation by students will have students who have been there for 3 years, all moving out at once, and others waiting for a date to move in during late August or September to get ready for the start of term in October.

Deposit Returns often depend on the Carpets

In many cases, with a good clean-up, the only thing that could prevent the tenants full deposit being returned, is the condition of the carpets. All those late night take aways’ and weekend party spillages will now be revealed when you have to move the sofas and take the rugs home!

Tenants Can Book Us

We are happy to fly in and clean all the carpets for you, to help get that much needed deposit back to set you up for the summer while you look for work.

Landlords Can Book Us

Landlords, you can give us a list of your properties and we can do them all in a couple of days for you, so you can get on with the routing maintenance repairs quickly and get new students in as fast as possible.

If your carpets look as though they are beyond saving, make sure you let us have a look, before you spend out on new carpets. The Texatherm process gives hugely better results than the cheap spray-on water machines that only remove surface dirt.

A quotation is totally free anyway, so call us in for a look at the problem… Call us today for a no obligation site visit and free quotation Tel: 01162 987 082 or 01509 412 797