Removing Pet Wee From Carpets

New Pet This Summer

Summer is a popular time of year to have a new pet, so its important to know about successfully removing pet wee from the carpets.  In summer the doors can be left open to help with house training but if it happens in the night, how should you get rid of the stain? The smell? And the bacteria?

Carpet Cleaning Products

There are products available for this, but can you be sure that the chemicals in them will not harm your tiny new pet? Or take the colour out of your carpet? Or cause a carpet tile to lift and curl?  Some products will remove the stain, but no the smell. Even though you can’t smell it, your pet will be able to, and this may encourage repeat weeing on the same spot.

If the smell persists, you can guarantee that bacteria is also present, and this could harm babies and young children, and elderly relatives with weak immune systems. This applies particularly to anyone who is recovering from surgery or going through chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

SJS Carpet Cleaning Solution

SJS use an endothermic reaction process that will effectively remove the smell and all particles of bacteria from any carpet fabric.  If the stain is still there, we can remove that as well and your carpet will be completely dry again in just 30 minutes.

We don’t spray it with water, which will dilute and spread the stain, the smell and the bacteria.
Also, all our products are completely safe for pets and children afterwards, leaving your carpet in a PH neutral condition that won’t attract particles of dirt.

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