Saving Carpets from Flood Damage

Expensive carpet will have a fibre underlay and this can soak up huge amounts of water and can remain damp or water logged for many days after the top surface of your carpet has dried out.

This will lead to bacteria in the carpet multiplying in the damp conditions, especially in winter with many more hours of darkness for it to breed. Mould can quickly get established under the carpet and the first you will know is a bad ‘damp’ smell developing in the rooms.

Mould gives off tiny spores that are harmful to babies and young children as well as older people who both have vulnerable immune systems. It is also harmful to anyone with respiratory conditions such as: asthma and allergies. Anyone suffering from cancer related illness or undergoing Chemotherapy is very vulnerable to Mould spores, as their immune systems have been deactivated by their medication.

Can Mould Be Cured

It is vital to have all carpets professionally cleaned with an antibacterial chemical that will prevent Mould from developing and remove all the bacteria left behind from the flood water. The success of this depends on the amount of flooding experienced and the effectiveness of the drying out process you undertake.

Always leave the dehumidifiers running for a further 7 days AFTER you think everything has dried out, and always lift the carpet to examine the condition of the underlay when you assess whether your carpets can be adequately cleaned and saved.

Foam underlays and some heavy fibre underlays may be permanently ruined by water and may never dry out properly without the carpets above being lifted completely. This seems a major undertaking, but replacing the underlay is much cheaper than replacing the carpet as well.

Call us in to have a look and give you an honest assessment as to whether your carpets will benefit from an antibacterial treatment following any flood damage. We are accredited by the NCCA National Carpet Cleaners Association and will be able to give you professional advice that is completely free and without obligation.