Curtain Cleaning in Leicester


If you are thinking about cleaning your curtains before Christmas, here are some Top Tips

Top Tips for Successful Curtain Cleaning

  • NEVER put curtains in the mashing machine unless you are sure they will not shrink. Some fabric has been pre-shrunk before the curtains were made.  But you cannot rely on this and the washing machine can have disastrous results.
  • Never iron them dry, unless you are very sure that they will not react to the heat. Will you be able to get them dry outside? Washing by hand or in your machine is fine, but will they dry on the line before dark? Is your line big enough to hang them without training on the ground?
  • Detach the lining if possible or you may find that the curtain shrinks and the lining doesn’t, leaving the lining hanging down when you rehang them. Or the opposite problem, with the lining shrinking and pulling the curtain out of shape.
  • NEVER dunk your curtains into a bath full of water, unless you are sure that they can be wet cleaned. Some fabric needs taking off to the Dry Cleaners. This could leave you without curtains for up to a week, so be ready to hang an old duvet cover or to be on view to the neighbours for a week…

Curtains can ALWAYS be safely cleaned whilst hanging in situ by a professional curtain cleaner (such as SJS) who will arrive with the correct fluids and the proper machine fittings to clean them exactly where they hang.  No need to take them down at all.

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