Season of Mists and Muddy Carpets

September is the season of harvest, ripe fruit, falling leaves and the start of Muddy sports season like Rugby and Football. So how will all this impact on your carpets?

Shoes walking into your home this month could have traces of rotten fruit fallen from the trees, with seeds, spider eggs, mud and all manner of other unsavoury ingredients. What to do about shoes treading in mould spores, rotting leaves, bacteria & allergens to your carpets.

Use Indoor Doormats

Using an indoor doormat can take the first 2 steps of people’s shoes walking into your house before they step on your real carpet which will remove most of the loose particles of dirt. But you will need to take this outside every other day and brush it off or beat it with a bristle brush to remove the dirt and bacteria.

Keep Slippers by the Door

Keeping your slippers or house shoes by the front door is also a good idea, but remember to move them if you go out into the garden through the back door, or the patio doors.

Some countries such as Holland or Czech Republic (now called Czechia) have a tradition of keeping pairs of slip-on house shoes on a small rack by the front door, for guests and visitors as well. It is the height of rudeness not to remove your shoes and select a pair of indoor shoes. But this tradition is slowly dying out as that generation passes to the new one.

Regular Antibacterial Carpet Clean

The other alternative of course, is to call in SJS Carpet Cleaning to do a regular antibacterial carpet clean on your downstairs carpets, where the dirt particles will gather over the Autumn months.

Antibacterial cleaning will remove all the dirt particles trapped inside the fibres of your carpets, removing allergens, mites and eggs as well as bacteria; including MRSA. This will leave all your carpets looking like new and will also double its useful like, as it won’t have dirt particles being ground-in with every step of your shoes or slippers!

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