Is Your Vacuum Cleaner Illegal?


Following a new EU Law that came into force September 2017, it is possible that your current Vacuum Cleaner is now illegal and you will not be allowed to buy a similar replacement.

The new law has banned the production, manufacture and sale of any vacuum cleaner with an output of more than 900 Watts. The reason behind this Europe-wide ban, is to reduce electricity consumption in every home across 28 countries.

All Companies and Retailers are now prohibited from manufacturing and importing upright or cylinder cleaners that consume more than the designated 900 Watts.

This is not the first of such Regulations; the first was in 2014, where the EU decreed that all Vacuums should use less than 1,600 Watts under its ‘Eco-Design’ laws. Most cleaners at that time had an average motor size of 1,800 Watts. So, the EU has now reduced this power loading by half over the last 3 years, with this new legislation rule of under 900 Watts.

The EU Says it Will Reduce Your Electricity Bills

Here is a comparison: A 700-Watt vacuum cleaner is said to cost £5 a year to run. In comparison, an old (now illegal) 2,300-Watt model would cost £18 for the same number of hours and minutes use.

But, what if you need to run the less powerful models for DOUBLE the amount of time as the illegal more powerful models to get the same clean carpet? We asked an expert about this question and he told us:

Jan Rosenow, senior research fellow at the Centre on Innovation & Energy Demand at the University of Sussex, said:

“Contrary to popular belief, the motor size of vacuum cleaners does not necessarily correlate with performance. Just because a vacuum cleaner has a large output, it doesn’t mean it’s going to pick up more dust or dirt”.

Here is a useful list that compares the top performing vacuum cleaners for domestic use: Energy Saving Trust lists the top vacuum cleaners.

Complicated EU ECO Labels on Vacuum Cleaners

If you are now rushing out to Fosse Part to buy a brand new legal Vacuum Cleaner, be sure to study all the new EU ratings on the labels and boxes.

They should have an EU rating for ALL the following attributes:

  • The energy rating on a scale of A++ (the most efficient) to E, based on the annual energy consumption
  • The annual energy consumption, in kWh per year
  • Dust re-emission class (A-G scale)
  • How well it cleans carpet (A-G scale)
  • How well it cleans hard floors (A-G scale)
  • Noise level

Good luck…

But if you can’t be bothered with all the new regulations, just call us in for a professional clean, fully insured and accredited by the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association) and stick you your old trusty hoover for a few more years.