In Situ Curtain Cleaning Leicester

In Situ Curtain Cleaning in Leicester

 Spiders Webs seem to appear everywhere during mild September weather.


Glance up at your ceilings, corners and behind the tops of the curtains and you will find them. The Spiders never seem to be found on the webs and we wonder where they lurk during the days.

These webs will collect dirt and dust, not to mention the odd fly all wrapped up and ready for a snack in the winter months, or for when the spider’s eggs hatch out, releasing hundreds of new baby spiders into your house, all looking for a place to call home.

Taking curtains down to wash is a major operation, especially if you have pelmets or swags, which are usually pinned in place, after being installed by a professional curtain maker. Heaven knows if you could ever replace them as they were, without calling in the professionals to re-hang them correctly in position.

So the curtains remain in place, accumulating the dust and dirt floating in the air and flying into the house when the windows and doors are opened.

SJS have a range of specialist tools and cleaning fluids that will clean any curtain in situ, with no need to remove it or re-hang. We can do your curtains at the same time as the carpets, and we also specialist clean leather furniture, chairs and sofas.

We are based in Leicester and Loughborough and always come to see you first for a completely free of charge quotation. No obligation either, you can call us in whenever you are ready. Before a family event, or ready for Christmas.

By the way, if we do find any of the spiders while we work, we carry them outside and free them into your garden.