Helping Leicester University Students

3,000 Students Arrive at Leicester University


Living in Leicester city, you can’t fail to notice the three thousand University Students that are now arriving, and taking up residence for two or three years in shared houses, Halls of Residence and single rooms in private houses.

If your own children have already been through University, or are in the system right now, you will understand exactly how it feels to be the parent of a young person who has moved away to a big city, where they don’t know anyone for the first few weeks.

Coping with any problems or disasters in their accommodation could be a distraction from studies or a risk to the eventual return of their deposits.

Please cut out our number 01162 987 082 or write it onto a post-it note, and tape it to the fridge for them. Then if they need fast advice for any stains, spills, or burns, on carpets, curtains, upholstery, leather furniture, ceramic tiles, marble worktops or wooden floors.

Call us for advice about what to do, how to do it and when to do it by. If it’s too late for such treatment, we can use professional cleaning fluids and treatments to do it for you, saving your face, your reputation and your deposit.

Then, you can carry on enjoying Leicester and all there is on offer, by clicking this link!