St Patricks Day Leicester Special


The 17th March is St Patrick’s Day, and probably the biggest event all year for many Pubs, Clubs and Restaurants, with celebrations that often run well into the small hours and a cracking good time will be enjoyed by many.

The morning after may not be quite so much fun though….

Late night food dropped on the carpets, Tipsy and even drunken spills from knocked over glasses or dancing the jig with a full glass of beer, and there is one sure fire thing about spills of alcohol the next morning, and that is…..

There is nothing worse than walking into a Pub or Club and noticing that the carpet is a bit sticky, but with so much to do before opening time in the cellar, in the kitchen, and with general cleaning chores to do, the carpet may get a little spot clean, and then a vacuum, but that will be that.

By next week, the stain will have many people walking on it and the sugars in the dried in alcohol will break down and become sticky… making it even more difficult to clean, and being trodden all over other areas of the carpet.

  1. We will do a professional carpet clean for you OUT OF HOURS – yes, any time that your doors are closed, late nights or early mornings, mid-afternoons, whatever it is.

  2. We will also have all your carpet completely dry within half an hour, so your customers are not walking on water (wet carpets).

So carry on, have a rip-roaring time and don’t give it another thought.

Call us today to book your St Patrick’s Out Of Hours Clean.