Carpet Spring Cleaning in Leicester


When the clocks go forward and all Leicester Schools and Universities break for two weeks, it is the signal for many home owners to think about Spring Cleaning.

When all your spring cleaning is done and after the dust has settled (literally) this is a great time to have an expert and professional carpet clean, to take out every last trace of dust and dirt from your home – including the microbes, dust mites and bacteria – ready for a happy and healthy summer time.

The Spring Cleaning tradition

It originally started when we all had coal fires going all winter, with all the windows shut against the cold, and a sooty film built up on every surface that needed cleaning off, as soon as the temperatures rose high enough for fires to not be needed, and windows could be opened.

Of course that doesn’t happen now with our modern central heating systems and air conditioning, but there are certainly some places in the home that may not be cleaned weekly, or even monthly, like door frames, sofa covers, Kitchen cupboard shelves, and under the beds. So a weekend cleaning spree every spring is a great idea, but….

The dust will just settle in your carpets

All that dust moving around in the air, will eventually settle into your carpets, so it is still there in your home, but just in a different place! Our expert carpet cleaning machines, will get rid of it all quickly and efficiently.

Our professional carpet clean will also kill any bacteria living in your carpet pile, including MRSA, which is vital if you have young children, older relatives or asthma and allergy sufferers in the family.

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