Stone Floors Cleaning Vs Restoring Explained

Stone Floors Cleaning Vs Restoring Explained


Stone floors are a long-term investment and don’t change when you redecorate or change a colour scheme. But how should you keep them looking good?

Two Different Treatments to Choose

For a property that is lived in and used every day; the cheapest and quickest option is specialist stone cleaning. For a property that has been unoccupied for a time, or a Listed building being brought back into use, specialist restoration may be needed.

Both processes should be undertaken by a specialist trained professional who has expertise and knowledge because every type of stone has very unique properties and the cleaning solution and tools used should reflect this.

Stone Floor Cleaning Explained

SJS use specialist machines that will remove the dirt from the top surface of the stone and from inside the surface of any cracks and imperfections. This ‘magic’ process effectively makes the hairline cracks disappear; making your stone floor look almost brand new again. Here is a ‘before’ picture showing a spot we cleaned in the centre of a dirty floor. Amazing isn’t it…

Clean spot on dirty stone floor

Clean spot on dirty stone floor


It doesn’t remove the existing scratches – only grinding them away will do that – but professional stone cleaning from SJS really is the next best thing…

Stone Floor Restoration Explained

This means grinding away a very thin top layer of stone with a rotary machine that reveals a new top surface to the stone which can then be polished to your chosen finish.

It does remove cracks and imperfections but the disadvantage to this, is the cost, the time it takes and the incredible noise while it is being done. Every ten years or so, it may be a good option, but for the other nine years, we recommend expert professional cleaning.

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