Cleaning Oriental Rugs in Snow

Cleaning Oriental Rugs in Snow is not recommended in Leicester or Loughborough

This week is a good time to look at this old story, since Leicester and Loughborough are recently recovering from a fall of snow. Can you clean valuable oriental rugs in snow? If so, how? And will it harm a valuable oriental rug?

The old wives-tale specifies new fallen snow, so that doesn’t give you very long, a few days a year in Leicestershire at best. Apparently, you need to place your valuable £2,000 oriental rug face down in snow and then leave it there for a couple of days.

In theory, the dirt that was in the pile of the rug, becomes absorbed by the snow, leaving your expensive treasure clean and vibrant again. But do be careful where you leave your expensive rug, or it could get stolen while lying face-down. Even worse, it could get peed on by a cat or dog, or nibbled by rats or mice. It doesn’t sound appealing does it?

Then when you bring it inside, you will need to dry it without it laying on anything either on its front or on its back in case the colour runs onto the back of your sofa or your lovely cream carpet. This could mean suspending a string across the lounge and hang the rug using pegs for a few days to dry out again. But hopefully the colours wont drip onto your main carpet while it dries…

Our professional opinion is that the best you can hope for is the tips of the pile may look cleaner, but it won’t get the deeply ingrained dirt out and that is assuming it is not stolen, peed on, chewed, goes mouldy from being damp for a week, or wet dye drips onto your main carpets.

Use the SJS Collect and Clean Service

It might be a lot easier – and safer – if you just call us to collect the rug, and few clean it professionally for you using our NCCA accredited specialist method, testing for colour fastness and shrinkage first.  We are also fully insured so you can relax and leave the work and worry in our safe hands.

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