Summer Holiday Carpet Cleaning

Summer Holiday Carpet Cleaning

If you are on annual leave from work for a week or two, summer holiday carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning means you don’t need to book a day off work to have it done.

Amuse the children

Younger children will be home all day and need to be amused every day. Watching the carpets and sofa being cleaned could really benefit them… understanding that sticky finger marks and spilt drinks need to be removed, and watching the technical process involved in carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Technical Explanations

We are happy to explain about how bacteria multiply, how dust and mould spores, allergens and bacteria hide away in the fibres; and how our #Texatherm ectothermic reaction process will lift them to the surface, while a special beater flicks them into our collection machine.

Our explanations will include bits of Biology, Science, Physics, Environmental studies and some practical cleaning skills. You never know, this may inspire an interest in chemistry, science or environmental subjects for their future study…

As well as all that, you can cook dinner in peace and end up with a beautifully clean house. What a bargain!