Cleaning Leather Chairs and Sofas

chair after leather cleaning

Cleaning Leather Chairs and Sofas

The question we get asked the most, is when should a leather sofa be cleaned?
The answer to this is not an easy number of weeks or months. It depends on the age of your sofa, how worn the leather is, how dry and porous it is, and of course, how dirty or stained it is.

Every Family is Different

All these factors are variable from home to home, depending on the family members, their jobs, what kind of clothes they wear, and how often they sit on the sofa. Clearly, a new sofa, will not need cleaning for 6 months, unless it is pure white, and you sit on it wearing blue jeans every night, which will transfer colour to the white leather, and require specialist colour restoration. If your family all wear denim jeans, it might be a better option to buy a dark colour leather.

Expert Repairs to Scuffs Scratches Tears and Splits

Wearing belts and buckles and having phones sticking out of back pockets is also a danger zone for leather sofas. All of these will cause scuffs, scratches and eventually tears and splits in your precious furniture, which require specialist repairs and can be costly.

The worst stains to remove

Eating dinner on your lap in front of the TV is another factor that can lead to spills, stains, greasy finger marks and in the case of spices such as turmeric, tomato sauce in Bolognese, and tomato puree on pizzas, these can all make permanent stains on a leather chair or sofa.

Can we visit to assess your leather?

That’s why we always answer this question by asking if we can pop in and look at it, to give you an accurate assessment of what is needed, how log it will take, and what the possible likelihood of success might be. So please don’t ask us for an off-the-cuff price over the phone, as we really do need to have a look at each sofa, each chair and each boardroom furniture, to give you our very best price and most importantly, our very best work!

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