Top Tips about Spiders in your House

You may hate spiders or fear them, but, if you have spiders living happily in your house, it means that you have a perfect eco-system!


What do Spiders Do

Spiders will catch all the nasty buzzy flies for you and dispose of them without chemicals that are dangerous to babies, asthma sufferers or pets. Mostly you never even see them, except for the webs in corners, under cupboards and behind curtains. But just before Autumn, the male spiders will appear around the house on their search for a mate. That’s why you find them in the bath, where they fall in and then can’t climb out again.

They are territorial and usually stay in their own part of the house without bothering anyone, getting on with their job of keeping you free of flies which carry horrible germs and bacteria, usually from poking about in animal feces. So, the spider really is doing you a favour.

House spiders are completely harmless, they don’t bite and will be unconcerned if you walk past or carry on with whatever you are doing. Screaming at them and jumping on a chair may not have any effect, or they may scurry away and hide until you have calmed down

Stop Spiders from coming in

Mostly, they don’t come inside, the ones you have were probably born in your house, and they will live there happily for up to 2 years. External spiders could get in through gaps under doors or window frames, but this rarely happens in England, the outdoor spiders are far too busy hanging out in the shed, or hanging out on your outside lights, catching flies and protecting their territory.

You can prevent spiders from entering if you put a Conker in each corner of the room, on the floor, and on the window sill. We have no idea why, but it works.

Cupboard Spiders

Cupboard spiders can stay hidden for years behind the packets and boxes, but you can catch them out if you look under each shelf, as they like to hang upside down under your shelves. They also bite their way into your packet food and boxes and if you ever see tiny white of grey hard bubbles around a tiny split in a packet – throw it away, the spider has already laid eggs inside and it isn’t a good idea to eat them…

They breed quite quickly giving birth to between 40 and 100 new baby spiders, and they are not doing you any service at all, so feel free to catch them in a glass, slide a piece of cardboard under and carry them out to the garden. Then check ALL your packets and boxes for signs of entry.

If you need expert help, feel free to call in SJS Carpet Cleaning, to clean carpets, hard floors, curtains in situ, and we don’t mind peeping under the cupboard shelves for you too!

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