SJS Sponsor Dogs Trust Loughborough Fun Day

The annual Dogs Trust Loughborough Fun Day Sunday 30th July, at their purpose-built rescue centre just outside Wymeswold, is a great opportunity to see how much work the Dogs Trust is doing in the Loughborough area to re-home dogs who have all had the terrible misfortune of being abandoned by their previous owners.

Owners Death Makes Dogs Homeless

The most common reason for a dog to be taken in by The Dogs Trust is that the owner has either died, or been taken into residential care; leaving no one to look after their dog. Sometimes they are lucky enough to be taken in by a relative, but often, the owners do not have any family nearby.

One dog was left alone in the house when the owner was taken into hospital, and neighbours were feeding it through the letterbox, until the owner passed away and Dogs Trust were called in to provide a rescue place and to find them a new home.

Divorce, House Move, Redundancy

Other reasons that owners are forced to give up their dogs are family break-up, where partners move into small apartments or when a family cannot find rented accommodation with a Landlord who is willing to accept a pet in the Tenancy Agreement.

Redundancy also causes people to ask Dogs Trust to take in their dog, if they cannot afford to feed him or her, and certainly cannot pay any Vet bills.

Support Dogs Trust by attending their Annual Fun Day

These dogs are all usually well-adjusted and loving family pets, who have no idea why they have ended up in a small concrete pen instead of their comfortable carpet and cosy sofa enjoying the daily hubbub of family life.

This is why SJS Carpet Cleaning are passionate about helping the Digs Trust to reach new visitors that may be willing and able to take in an older dog, enabling them to enjoy their last years in a loving home and not shut in a small pen for sometimes up to 2 years waiting for a new family.

Donate a few tins of dog food or toys

If you can’t take on a dog, perhaps you might want to bring a few tins of dog food or a doggie squeaky toy or ball, to help this worthy charity to provide respite care to the dogs who need someone to take them in next week, next month and beyond.

SJS Carpet Cleaning are happy to sponsor the annual Fun Day for the 3rd year running. Click the  link for full details of the event.