Top Tips for Leather Care

Top Tips for Leather Care from the Professionals:

Caring for your leather furniture, shoes, bags, and other items might seem daunting, but here are our Top Tips to help keep all your leather goods in tip-top condition:

  1. Protect it before you use it.

Whether it is a sofa or new pair of boots, prevention is always the best kind of protection.

  1. Protect it again every three months while the item is in use.

Outdoor boots will need protecting every month in heavy winter weather of rain, ice and snow.

  1. Clean according to its value.

Small inexpensive items can be cleaned with shop bought leather care products quire safely, but for expensive jackets and the antique chairs, these are best left to the fully insured professionals

  1. Spot Test First.

Never use any product on your leather without doing a small spot test on the inside or underside, to make sure the colour won’t be changed, or causing a stain.

  1. Wet leather is delicate.

Remember that wet leather is more delicate, pliable, and easy to pull or stretch out of shape. So never run your leather items under the tap or immerse them in water. They will turn floppy and can then set in a different shape when it dries.

If in doubt, always speak to a professional for advice first. If you use SJS Caret Cleaning to clean your leather suite, you can bring us your best handbag and we will do that as well for you! 

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