Wool Carpets are Good for your Health

Wool Carpets Are Good for your Health

Choosing which carpet fibre to have for your new carpet purchase is a difficult decision. Apart from the choices of colour and pattern, there are considerations about how easy it is to keep clean and how long it should last.
These days, the durability of most carpet fibres is very similar and they can all be professionally cleaned to look beautiful for many years – Usually, regular cleaning will double the normal lifespan of any carpet, if all the soil particles are lifted and removed on cleaning, which is the Patented #Texatherm cleaning system used by SJS Carpet Cleaning.  So, when we discovered that choosing wool fibre is good for your health, we decided to share these new findings on our informative blog.

Wool is Therapeutic to the Skin

A recent medical research programme has discovered that real wool provides a natural treatment therapy to any skin which is prone to eczema, or redness, blotches and sensitivity. Wool close to the skin can reduce the requirement for other medicines and can reduce the symptoms of heat rash, stress rash and eczema.  This means that just lying on a wool carpet could give family members a therapeutic benefit without using drugs and preparations.

Wool Promotes Better Sleep

A recent three-year study on Merino wool has revealed that as a natural fibre, using wool in your bedding and sleepwear results in a better sleep experience and promotes feeling of safety, comfort and security. This has a positive effect on emotional wellbeing and can help to lift feelings of depression, anxiety and stress.

All this can also result from lying on your new wool carpet in front of a good film and a warm radiator. Why not drift away with a comfort snooze and bask in these comforting feelings. With regular professional carpet cleaning to remove all soil particles and bacteria, there is no reason to change your bedding, when you can just as easily curl up on the wool carpet.

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