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Health Centre Antibacterial Carpet Cleaning

Health Centre Antibacterial Carpet Cleaning Health Centres and Doctors surgeries are filled with people carrying infections, germs and bacteria. These infections are on their clothes, their hands, and on door handles and chair backs touched by patients. Bacteria are also found flying through the air on coughs and sneezes and landing on carpets and hard floors […] Read more >

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Restoring Leather in Leicester & Loughborough

Restoring Leather in Leicester & Loughborough If your lovely old leather chesterfield or antique chair is scuffed, scratched or has a small split; don’t think about abandoning it to the garage, or sending it to the charity shop. Read more >

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaned by SJS Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Quotes Inside Info

Carpet Cleaning Quotes Inside Info How should you decide who is the best company to clean your carpets? Here are our Top Tips. Whether you need the hall, stairs and landing or a whole house, there are some easy ways to tell if your quote is from a fully trained and accredited professional, or not. […] Read more >

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Diwali Carpet Stains Removal Advice Leicester

Carpet Cleaning After Diwali Celebrations in Leicester Diwali carpet stains removal advice Leicester Diwali celebrations in Leicester are always spectacular and every family celebrating will have plenty of visitors, with large family meals, feasts and parties. With all the extra colourful food and drink, any spills on the carpet or leather furniture could be a […] Read more >

fallen leaves in Leicester & Loughborough

Bacteria on Fallen Leaves in Leicester & Loughborough

There is an incredible amount of bacteria lurking in loose leaves that can be picked up on your shoes, and walked into your carpets….. Walking on crisp fallen leaves in autumn may be one of your pleasures, or it may be unavoidable if you live in a street lined with trees – as many older […] Read more >

How to Clean Black Grouting on Tiled Floors

How to Clean Black Grouting on Tiled Floors

Many commercial premises have areas of ceramic tiled flooring in places that receive a lot of traffic, as ceramic tiles will last much longer than vinyl or carpets. Areas such as commercial kitchens in: Hotels, large company buildings, showrooms, behind the bar in clubs and pubs, schools, colleges, universities, Care Homes, Conference Centres and airports. […] Read more >