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antique leather boardroom chairs

Top Tips for Leather Care

Top Tips for Leather Care from the Professionals: Caring for your leather furniture, shoes, bags, and other items might seem daunting, but here are our Top Tips to help keep all your leather goods in tip-top condition: Read more >

SJS carpet cleaning after bodger & badger mash potato fight

Are Synthetic Fibre Carpets Stain-Proof?

Synthetic carpets are made of Polypropylene or Nylon, with polypropylene used most commonly in the UK as a cheaper domestic carpet that is easy to clean and wont stain. But is that true? Are synthetic fibre carpets really stain-proof?  Read more >

should you clean carpets with bleach

Can You Clean Carpets With Bleach

Some carpet shops promote cleaning carpets with bleach and advertise carpets with a ‘bleach cleanable’ badge. But should you use bleach on any carpet? Here is our professional advice… Read more >

Leather Cleaning Leicester & Loughborough

How to Clean Leather

Our homes are full of leather items including: Shoes, boots, bags, briefcases, furniture, coats, jackets, biker gear, and more. So, knowing how to clean leather properly will enable all your leather goods, to stay in service, looking good, for many more years. Read more >

genie on a magic carpet origins of magic flying carpets

Origins of Magic Flying Carpets

Origins of Magic Flying Carpets With the Christmas Panto’s still close in our minds, this week we bring you the historical origins of magic flying carpets that are often used in Panto’s and children’s cartoons. Read more >

Reception after SJS carpet cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Free!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Free! January is a difficult month with all tax returns needing to be done by the 31st. Sometimes you may need some last-minute business expenses to reduce your tax liability, and having your business carpets and upholstery  professionally cleaned will certainly help,as it can all be claimed as a business expense on […] Read more >