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Top Tips at Christmas from SJS

Top Tips for Carpet Care at Christmas

Top Tips for Carpet Care at Christmas Christmas holiday time is a very busy time for your carpets so SJS have composed some seasonal Top Tips for carpet care at Christmas. You cant avoid lots of physical traffic with family members up and down the stairs and visitors in and out the front door, with […] Read more >

Rug Cleaning Services Leicester

Oriental Rug Care in Winter

Oriental Rug Care in Winter Oriental rugs are an investment and a little extra care is needed during the winter months to keep them looking their best and to maximise their lifespan. We see many different styles of oriental rugs and our knowledge and experience of cleaning and caring for such rugs means we can […] Read more >

Leicester carpet cleaning

Office Carpet Cleaning in Christmas Shut-Down

Office Carpet Cleaning in Christmas Shut-Down If your office carpets haven’t been professionally cleaned for a year (or two…) It is a good idea to invest in this business expense straight after the company Christmas party. While the company is in the Christmas shut down, the office carpets and fabric chairs can be easily cleaned, […] Read more >

cleaning leather sosfa

How Often Should You Clean Leather Sofa?

How often should you clean a leather sofa? This is one of the questions we are asked most often about leather furniture. So here is an expert answer along with some top tips to keep your leather suite looking its best all year round. Read more >

Wool carpet cleaning Leicester

Wool Carpets are Good for your Health

Wool Carpets Are Good for your Health Choosing which carpet fibre to have for your new carpet purchase is a difficult decision. Apart from the choices of colour and pattern, there are considerations about how easy it is to keep clean and how long it should last. These days, the durability of most carpet fibres […] Read more >

Pub Carpet Cleaning Leicester & Loughborough

Pub Carpet Cleaning in Leicester & Loughborough Pubs need to be open 7 days a week for long hours and it is difficult for Landlords and Owners to find the time for a professional antibacterial carpet clean, without losing business. With subdued lighting and dark coloured carpets, you may not realise just how dirty the carpets […] Read more >