Antibacterial Village Church Hall Floor Cleaning

Most Village Halls, Church Halls and Scout Huts are managed by a Committee who share the tasks of looking after it, but we have never known anyone to have a Committee Member who oversees cleaning.

Not to clean the hall themselves, but to oversee the cleaning performed by the groups who rent the hall for regular weekly events such as lunch clubs, Toddler Groups, Teenage Drop-ins, Women’s Institutes, Knitting Circles and Coffee Mornings.

There will also be individuals who rent the hall for 18th Birthday Parties, Weddings, Craft Fairs, Jumble Sales, Teenage Discos, Anniversaries, and Scout and Guide Sleepovers. Lots of different activities going on in every hall, but they all have one thing in common…… Food!

Food Particles & Bacteria on Village Hall Flooring

Every group meeting will involve food and drink and at the end of the session or party, the main aim will be to leave as quickly as possible – not to clean the floor as thoroughly as possible!

If the floor ‘looks clean’ it will be vacated and locked, but without a professional antibacterial clean periodically, they will be a festering breeding ground for many different bacteria bugs – including MRSA.

Bacteria is harmful to Babies, Toddlers, the Sick & the Elderly

Babies and toddlers crawling on the floors, older people with weak or failing immune systems, and people who are undergoing Chemotherapy; are all at severe risk from bacteria, especially the MRSA strain.

So, next time you have a Village Hall or Church Committee meeting, please suggest that twice a year, they invest in a professional antibacterial clean. Our chemicals are completely harmless to humans, but they will kill ALL bacteria lurking in your hall flooring DEAD!

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