Carpet Insurance Claims Leicester


SJS are accredited assessors for insurance claims on carpets and upholstery including all leather furniture.

Accredited by the NCCA National Carpet Cleaners Association

If you have an accident on your carpet or sofa and need to recommend recommend a local expert to assess the damage, you can give your Insurance company our contact details. They can call us themselves, or ask you to contact us direct.

We can repair burns in carpets

Which could mean the difference between getting your deposit back at the end of a tenancy – or not. Cigarette burns are no problem, we cut out the burn and stitch in new fibres to the gap in an invisible mend.

Carpet Stain advice

We can advise whether stains can be removed and carry out the removal if desired. If the stain cannot be removed, we can give our professional and experienced advice that the carpet is beyond repair to your Insurance Company.

Leather Stains

We can expertly re-dye areas of leather chairs and sofas. Remove spot stains and re-dye the patch, and advise if the stain is beyond repair for you.

Call us for a professional Insurance Claim Consultation on  Leicester 01162 987 082 or Loughborough 01509 412 797