Best and Worst Christmas Tree Needles for Carpets

Best and Worst Christmas Tree Needles for Carpets

Its time to choose the Christmas tree, so with your carpets in mind, here is a useful description about each type of tree and its needles, to help you make your choice.

The needles from Christmas trees can be very dangerous for young children and for household pets.

Norway Spruce

This has been the most popular Christmas tree for many years and is usually the cheapest because it has needles that drop very quickly and are short, bright green and very pointed.

Nordman Fir, Fraser Fir and Blue Spruce

These three varieties are all classed as ‘non-drop’ needles so if you buy it as close as you can to Christmas and use it for the required twelve days, watering it daily; you can avoid any needle drop completely.  The Nordman is conical in shape, the Fraser has wide, flat, dark green needles and the Blue Spruce has silver-blue foliage.

Always ask about the species of tree when you buy it. For more detailed information on how to look after your Christmas trees and how to plant them out after the festive season, the BCTGA has a very good online guide. Here is a link to it: British Christmas Tree Growers Association.

TOP TIP for Carpets

Place a small, round, festive-design tablecloth over the carpet to stand the tree on. It will give a designated area for presents, will deter children from getting too close and will collect all the needles without them landing on your carpet. This will make it easy to fold in on itself and carry outside without dropping needles.

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