Care Home Antibacterial Cleaning

Care Home Antibacterial Cleaning

Specialist Care home antibacterial cleaning in Leicester, Loughborough and a 10-mile radius is one of the busiest activities for SJS carpet cleaning. Carpet spills and stains are an everyday occurrence in care homes, with spills of food, hot and cold drinks, and wee.

Care homes look after vulnerable people who may have difficulties with mobility and reaching a toilet in time, with weakened grip for holding cups and with lack of coordination while eating or weakened ability to hold a knife and fork.

Care home staff are adept at mopping up spills, but their time is limited, and they are under constant pressure of dealing with several people needing personal attention for different things through their shift.

SJS carpet cleaning can help.

We can regularly carry out an antibacterial carpet clean which will completely kill all allergens and bacteria spores – including the dreaded MRSA. We can easily clean the residents lounge while they are having lunch, and the dining room after breakfast, and the bedrooms in between.


Using our patented Texatherm process, all carpets will be completely dry again in just 30 minutes; so, there is no risk or danger to residents of tripping over our machines, or of being on a wet carpet. So, for infirm and vulnerable people with a reduced capacity to fight infections, and less active immune systems, this service is a vital way to protect their health and wellbeing.

To book a test square to be cleaned (pick your most stained carpet to see what we can do) and get a free quote with no obligation, contact us here: