Facts About End of Tenancy Cleaning

Upholstered Chairs cleaned by SJS Leicester

Facts About End of Tenancy Cleaning

Here are ten facts you should know before you move out of any rented property…

  1. The end of tenancy clean is part of your contract and getting your deposit back is completely dependent on this being done properly.
  2. Properly means it should look the same as when you moved in with any faults already identified on your moving in inventory.
  3. Any additional stains or marks that are not listed on your moving in inventory, could form a risk to you getting your deposit back in full.
  4. 56% of disputes about deposit refunds are about cleaning issues – usually carpets, upholstery or bathroom tiles.
  5. You can do your own end of tenancy clean, or you can commission any company you choose to do it for you. The Landlord has no influence on who does it.
  6. If there were no stains on the sofa and the bathroom tiles had a mirror-like shine when you moved in, then any marks on the sofa and a dull limescale coating on the shower tiles will not be good enough and could result in losing your deposit.
  7. Go through your moving in inventory as a checklist to the condition and cleanliness you need to achieve before you move out.
  8. If you are in a shared house with other students, moving out one at a time, make sure that the last one to move out has completed the final cleaning – to the standards required, or everyone will lose their deposits.
  9. Make sure you call in the Estate Agent to complete the moving out inventory while you are there, so you can agree on its condition and cleanliness and sign it and date it together.
  10. It may be easier to call in an experienced cleaning expert to do it all for you….

SJS are NCCA accredited and fully insured for every job. We can clean:
Hard Floors
Ceramic Tiles
Fabric upholstery
Leather upholstery
And we can even do your leather jackets!

Located in Loughborough and Leicester, we have a team close to every University for when you move out. .. Call us today to get a no obligation quote and a test area clean…