Carpet cleaning at Events, Graduation Ceremonies, Weddings, Charity Balls

We do Carpet cleaning at events, Graduation Ceremonies, Weddings, Charity Balls and private parties, in the marquees before or after your event. Cleaning fabric chairs, hanging curtains in situ,  and of course carpets and portable dance floors.

SJS is looking for companies that hire out marquees and chairs for themed private events such as:

  • Wedding Receptions
  • Charity Balls
  • Graduation Ceremonies
  • School Prize-Giving Day
  • Private Parties

When you set up for an event and roll out the carpets, hang the festoon curtains and set out the chairs, there’s nothing worse than finding stains on the fabric chairs and carpet sections from the last event.

When you have a deadline to pack away and get the marquee down before dark, its easy to leave the carpet stains to deal with next time. But when setting up for a Wedding or a summer Ball, there is never enough time to get everything done, and you hope that the carpet stain doesn’t show when the lights are turned down for the event.

SJS Carpet Cleaning Services can help

As a professional carpet cleaner, we have commercial equipment that can clean your complete carpet area and portable dance floor,  including removing stains and have it all dry and looking brand new 30 minutes after we finish. Leaving your staff to get on with the Flower arrangements and setting the tables.

While we are there, we can deal with any fabric chairs that have stains, so your event will be perfect, ensuring that you get booked again for next year.  After all, we know that attention to the small details can make all the difference!

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