Professional Cleaning Does Kill Bacteria

Professional Cleaning Does Kill Bacteria

Have you ever wondered whether professional cleaning does kill bacteria living in your household carpets? Generally, the water spray on – suck off method isn’t effective enough to kill all of them, but the #Texatherm process used by SJS Carpet Cleaning certainly is.

The Patented Texathermic reaction carpet cleaning system is a totally effective antibacterial process that kills all harmful bacteria embedded in the carpet fibres – even MRSA

SJS are often called in to antibacterial clean inside Dentists and Veterinary Practices, GP Surgery waiting rooms, old people’s homes and other (who we can’t name because of the GDRP Law) clinical and therapy practices in and around Leicester and Loughborough, with the specific purpose of preventing the possibility of the MRSA virus.

Living with Babies or the Elderly

Sharing your home with either the very young or the very old, they are more both vulnerable to bacterial infections which could be dangerous for them, with immature or failing immune systems.

A recent study found that around 40% of people in Britain wear outdoor shoes in the home and fewer than one in five of us ever think to clean the bottom of our shoes!

Living with Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy

Fighting any long tern disease or illness is all about making the best recovery and removing any possible risks of bacterial infections in the home will give them the very best chance of recovering effectively.

So before they come home from hospital, or before baby is born or Granny moves in, it really is a good idea to have a professional anti-bacterial carpet clean throughout the house.

SJS are Based in Leicester and Loughborough

We operate an out of hours service for surgeries and therapy rooms, so you don’t have to close early or lose customers and we can visit on the most suitable day for your arrangements.

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