Carpet Repairs for Burns and Frays

Carpet Repairs for Burns and Frays

Accidents sometimes happen resulting in a burn on the carpet. Perhaps from an indoor firework, or a Happy Birthday candle that falls off, or a dropped cigarette, or a candle or tea light. It can look disastrous in the middle of the room, and if you are ending a Tenancy, or leaving a University letting, it could mean the difference between getting your Deposit back, and having to pay for replacing the whole carpet

Burns can be repaired

SJS are expertly trained to carry out completely invisible repairs to these small burns, by cutting out the burn and replacing it with a small lug and weaving in the edges to make it invisible.

Frays can be repaired

Depending on how badly it has been frayed, we can usually make an invisible repair. It usually happens in heavy traffic areas such as on stair treads or at the doorway of the room, at the edge of the door and often on the upstairs landing between the bedrooms and the bathroom.

It can be the result of a mischievous cat who uses it as a scratching place, so after our repair you might think about getting a scratch post for them, it’s just part of their natural grooming instincts.

Give us a call and we will have a look and give you a price. We cant do that on the phone until we see the extent of each burn or fray and whether the carpet fibre can be successfully woven in.

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