MRSA Carpet Clean in School Holiday


School holidays and half terms are perfect for repairs and maintenance jobs in schools, nurseries and Child Care Centres; with the 6-week summer holiday a perfect time to do all the jobs that take longer.

Cleaning Carpets is one of them

The carpets are vacuumed every day of course, but the carpet fabric acts as a filter for all kinds of tiny horrors, like dust mites, bugs and dirt from shoes that works its way down to the backing, and is not pulled out by any vacuum cleaner.

Affecting Children’s Health

In winter with all windows and doors closed to keep heat in, and in summer when windows are open letting in pollen and other bugs, all this settling in the carpet fibres can be bad for children’s health.

Is your child sitting on clean carpet?

Booking a specialist carpet clean for classroom carpets is often overlooked at half terms, but is absolutely vital during the summer holidays.  The carpet takes up one of the biggest surface areas in the school so making sure it is free from MRSA and other bacteria is an important task.

Antibacterial Anti MRSA Carpet Clean

Ask us about booking a specialist antibacterial carpet clean for your local School, Nursery of Day Centre. The carpets will be dry in 30 minutes, and we can also do this in the evening after you close – especially if your school or day care is open all through the holidays for visiting groups and exchange visits.

We cover all Leicestershire Schools and Nurseries.  Call us today for a no obligation site visit and free quotation Tel: 01162 987 082 or 01509 412 797