Expert Stone Floor Cleaning Leicester

Stone floors can seem easy to clean for yourself. A bucket and mop with a squirt of gubbins in some hot water, and away you go.

Perhaps you might invest in one of the floor cleaning gismos with a special micro-something head with easy changeable covers, or one of those handles that you flip over to fold the head in half and squeeze out the liquid.

But do they clean stone floors effectively?


They will certainly remove surface spills and give your stone floor a uniform look of being clean – from a distance. Stone floors often have slightly uneven surfaces and very small pores that can collect dirt over time almost without you noticing.

The stone surface gradually dulls and very slowly gets darker from the dirt gathering in the pores. This happens so slowly that you won’t notice any change in the colour or looks at all.

Until you clean a section properly, and see the difference between that and the rest of the ‘clean’ floor.

Have a look at this picture, the home owner thought her stone floor was clean, until we cleaned a small section at the corner where 3 stone tiles meet. You can see the difference our cleaning system makes to three different tiles, we didn’t just pick a stained tile.

Small particles of dirt and bacteria collect in the tiny pores, dips and cracks in the surface of the stone and they build up very gradually over a few years.

Our stone floor cleaning service will deliver a thorough clean, bringing your beautiful stone flooring bring it back to life again. It does not matter whether your floor is: original Victorian Flagstone, Slate, Travertine, Limestone, Sandstone, Ironstone, Marble, Granite, Terracotta, Quarry tiles, or ceramic tiles; our process will make it look brand new, remove all bacteria and then seal it at an affordable cost.

We have offices in Leicester and Loughborough and will cover all the surrounding areas, so if you need your stone floor cleaning, Call us today for a no obligation site visit and free quotation

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