Door Entry Mats Prolong Commercial Carpets

Door Entry Mats Prolong Commercial Carpets

Its official… using door entry mats will prolong the life of your carpets, both at home and in your business premises.
Door Entry Mats are Essential: If you have a retail shop, showroom or office, you can’t expect your customers, staff and visitors to take their shoes off at the door and wear indoor slippers. But you can reduce the amount of dirt and allergen particles trodden into the carpets in other ways. ..

Restrict Dirt Particles & Moisture Droplets

Placing a heavy-duty door entry mat at every entrance point and exit to your building, will help to restrict the dirt particles and moisture that gets trodden into the carpets. The dirt and dust will quickly form a dull grey sheen over your carpets and the particles of grit will grind away the fibres, wearing them out much more quickly.

Reduce Scratched & Worn Fibres

Then, even after professional carpet cleaning, it could still look dull and dirty from the scratched and worn fibres which cause permanent damage to the structure of the carpet.

Advertising Opportunity

Use your door mats as an advertising opportunity, to send a corporate message to visitors as they arrive or as they leave your premises. Have your website address and Logo printed on them, or your slogan or tag line, or just say Thanks for visiting!

Door Mats reduce Allergens & Bacteria

Its not only particles of dirt, it’s the allergens and bacteria particles on the bottom of shoes that can give your business other problems; such as staff sickness, Staff allergies, and reducing heath risks for staff who have asthma, COPD, and reduced immune systems following surgery or cancer treatment.

Our Antibacterial carpet clean will remove all dirt, dust, bacteria and allergens in one swoop. So, call in the SJS ‘Clean Team’ and THEN get some Door Entry Mats!

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