Fathers Day in Leicester


You may think that Father’s Day and carpet cleaning are two very different subjects, but there are many great Father’s Day activities and gifts that just might need a carpet clean afterwards…

Things that Dads like to do best:

  • Taking things apart on the floor to ‘fix them’.
  • Repainting model trains
  • Fixing Motorbikes
  • Having mates round to watch the Football
  • Beer and take away kebabs

Any one of these could be a carpet disaster, so here is our advice:

Allow Dad to have a great day and don’t worry about the carpet, one quick call to us and all will be restored. Unless he spilt a can of engine oil, or black paint on the carpet, we should be able to sort out most other stains.

And if you are stuck for ideas for a great present, here’s a link to the Debenhams Father’s Day Gifts page which has BBQ mitts, Ties, After Shaves, Watches and even a Day at the Races that you can buy online.


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