Upright Carpet Cleaners Pitfalls to Buying Online


The good, the bad, and the ugly about upright vacuum cleaners. Information that the shop assistants may not know when you need to buy a new vacuum carpet cleaner for your home, shop, church hall, Guest House, or Residential Care Home.

With so many being purchased online, without trying them out in the shop for noise levels, weight and manoeuvrability, the information here could be vital!

1 Fully Carpeted Property:

An upright carper cleaner is best if your property has 80% or more rooms carpeted. But if you have laminate floor downstairs, or varnished floorboards and rugs, an upright is NOT the best choice.

2 Pet Owners:

Uprights are particularly good at lifting pet hair as the revolving brushes ‘comb’ it out of the carpet pile,

3 Technique is everything:

Walk SLOWLY or you don’t give the brush time to revolve and you are simply relying on whatever gets sucked up as to pass over it.

4 Larger Capacity:

The upright’s have a larger dirt collection capacity than cylinders and don’t use bags, so in theory, you don’t need to empty them as often. They can weigh up to 9kg and are heavy to pull up and down stairs, so find out the weight BEFORE you buy one online.

5 Empty It:

We recommend you empty it after EVERY USE. So the larger capacity is rather a white elephant, and just adds to the weight. Also, the bacteria and allergens sitting in the canister are not good for asthma and allergy sufferers, so get rid of it every time, with care, no point it all wafting back out of the bin into the air, to settle back into the carpets!

There are some other important considerations, such as noise, ease of manoeuvring, how fiddly the crevice tools are to fit and use, and is your cupboard big enough to store it, so do make sure you ask all these questions, before you buy one online, or in-store, without trying it out for yourself. 

If you would like a completely free quote for antibacterial cleaning your carpets, we are happy to give advice on the best carpet cleaner for your needs…